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Soak It In

Sometimes you're a little burnt out. Didn’t quite catch the right sleep cycles, have a had a few rough days, or simply just don’t feel like yourself.

In these moments it's really easy to lose yourself and lose your capacity to show yourself empathy and grace. You want to push through and force yourself to be productive. I think it's important to do something that aligns to your long term goals (as mentioned yesterday) to keep habits rolling and keep you in that rhythm mentally. However, no one benefits from forcing yourself to suffer aimlessly. It's valuable to take time to unwind and enjoy the present in some "unproductive" ways.

Whatever it is - watching a movie, having a beer and listening to music, or simply going into maintenance mode for your home and yourself - these auto pilot activities can get you back into a better rhythm if you feel like you’re missing a step. And more importantly, when coupled with focus on your long term goals, those moments of feeling good feel better.

The best part is, when we momentarily stop seeking progress and productivity and let the mind go where it wants to go, we can get our best ideas and inspirations. They flow through our mind and we can sit there like an observer.

"I've been wasting my time but damn it feels right"

Whenever I'm in that headspace, I throw on a playlist that usually starts with Time by Alesso. And as the simple lyrics state - I'm wasting time but it just feels good - I know what I'm doing and I'm enjoying it. I'm enjoying the moment.

And then it becomes something else. It becomes an unintentional reflection period - sometimes conscious, sometimes subconscious. Because when you establish long term goals for yourself in an antifragile way - when you grasp the concepts of the long term game you're in, those things are inherently on your mind more. These are the things you want to spend your life working toward so they're always there even when it seems like they're not.

I've found that in these moments, when I throw on my playlist and my foot starts tapping - my mind drifts to my motivations, what is most important to me, the obvious but previously impossible to discover idea for my most immediate project. Like an outside observer, you can watch these ideas flow through your head and choose which to engage with and expand on. Many of my favorite "breakthroughs" have flown into my mind as accidents when simply trying to enjoy something in the moment.

Enjoying the moment is vague and hard to define as it is different for so many people. What represents it for 1 person could be meaningless and confusing to another. But when you're not focused on the past or obsessing over the future, when you're just letting the mind be at ease and enjoying whatever is right in front of you, you might find a little more clarity. And if you have a pen and paper nearby while it’s happening, who knows what might come to you. And from that, new perspectives and possibilities will arise. So find whatever your playlist is, hit play, take a break, and soak it in.

See you tomorrow.


Inspirations: Alesso, Taking a break

Quote: Alesso

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